Botany Evolution Lab

Testing Our Product

Botany Evolution is proud to announce that we test all of the product that we import and distribute, to ensure top-notch quality. We stand behind all of our products, and have Certificates of Analysis available to back our products 100%.

Traceability is important to us, so each bag has a batch number. From that batch number we can trace the powder back to its origins. You can also browse below at all of our COA’s from the previous (2) two years (they are updated regularly). Simply match the batch number on the front of your bag to the serial number below. Here, you can view, download, and print your Certificate of Analysis. If you need to request a COA from a batch of kava more than 2 years old, please email us. 

Also, If you recently purchased Kava from a different vendor and are unsure of what you bought, you can send it to use for testing, and we will provide you with lab reports on its composition. Click Here for More Information

Our Lab

Botany Evolution operates a state of the art testing facility with industry standard equipment used to testing the Nobility, along with its breakdown in contents, including Kavalactone levels. We use an Agilent 1100/1200 HPLC with DAD Detector along with a Windows 7 Pro Chem-station PC

Meet Our Lab Tech – Kristl Youngs

Botany Evolution is proud to introduce our Certified Lab Chemist, Kristl Youngs. Kristl is an alumni of Aurora University in Illinois, double majoring in Chemistry & Biology. She has over 20 years of laboratory experience, working with a multitude of analysis and research of products. Some of her work consists of analyzing food products for toxins for the Florida Department of Agriculture and environmental monitoring of air and soil samples to ensure compliance with Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. She has worked with many elements, substances, and solutions, including Tritium, Plutonium, Uranium, and many others. In other words, definitely someone we are proud to have on staff.

Below are our most recent Certificates of Analysis, all of which prepared and processed with the utmost care and precision by Kristl. Each package has a lot number on the label. All you have to do is match your lot number, to the lot numbers below, sorted by Island of Origin and Blend type. You can view, download, and print the Certificate of Analysis that pertains to you, and also see other blends that we offer, and note the high quality of our products. These Certificates are updated on a regular basis, as we are constantly getting new shipments and batches in.


   Basal Roots 

Basal Root VFE190131BR

Basal Roots VFE190322BR

Basal Roots VFE190410TBR

Basal Roots VFE190610BR

Basal Roots VFE191014BR

Basal Root VFE190131BR

Basal Roots VFE200122BR

Basal Roots VK200916BR

Basal Roots VK210916BR

   Black Label

Black Label VFE190322BL

Black Label VFE190410BL

Black Label VFE190417Bl

Black Label VFE190703BL

Black Label VFE190826BL

Black Label VFE190926BL

Black Label VFE191115BL

Black Label VFE191204BL

Black Label VFE200122BL

Black Label VFE200303BL

Black Label VPS210427BL

Black Label VPS210513BL

Black Label VPS210520BL


Ceremonial VFE190131C

Ceremonial VFE190218C

Ceremonial VFE190322C

Ceremonial VFE190410C

Ceremonial VFE190417C

Ceremonial VFE190527C

Ceremonial VFE190610C

Ceremonial VFE190703C

Ceremonial VFE190819C

Ceremonial VFE190826C

Ceremonial VFE190926C

Ceremonial VFE191014C

Ceremonial VFE191115C

Ceremonial VFE191204C

Ceremonial VFE200122C

Ceremonial VFE200130C

Ceremonial VFE200303C

Ceremonial VFE200621C

Ceremonial VPS210413C

Ceremonial VPS210503C

Ceremonial VPS210513C

Ceremonial VPS210520C

   Ceremonial Instant 

Ceremonial Instant VBE190314CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE190509CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE190617CI

Ceremonail Instant VBE190730CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE190730CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE191010CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE191017CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE191215CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE200415CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE2020909CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE210119CI

Ceremonial Instant VBE210504CI

Green Instant 50/50

Green Instant 50-50 VFE190131GI

Green Instant VFE190417GI

Green 50-50 Instant VFE190926GI

Green Instant 5050 VFE200122GI


Tanna VBE180814TP

   Premium Chips

Premium Chips VPS210518PC

Premium Chips VPS210520PC

Premium Chips VPS210602PC

   Lateral Roots 

Lateral Roots VFE190131LR

Lateral Roots VFE190218LR

Lateral Roots VFE190322LR

Lateral Roots VFE190410LR

Lateral Roots VFE190417LR

Lateral Roots VFE190527LR

Lateral Roots VFE190610LR

Lateral Roots VFE190703LR

Lateral Roots VFE190819LR

Lateral Roots VFE190826LR

Lateral Roots VFE190926LR

Lateral Roots VFE191115LR

Lateral Roots VFE191204LR

Lateral Roots VFE200122LR

Lateral Roots VSSC190801LR

Lateral Roots VFE200303LR

Lateral Roots VSSC200316LR

Lateral Roots VSSC200331LR

Lateral Roots VFE200621LR

Lateral Roots VK200916LR

Lateral Roots VPS210427LR

Lateral Roots VPS210510LR

Lateral Roots VPS210520LR

Lateral Roots VPS210602LR


Taboo VFE190131T

Taboo VFE190322T

Taboo VFE190410T

Taboo VFE190527T

Taboo VFE190610T

Taboo VFE190703T

Taboo VFE190819T

Taboo VFE191115T

Taboo VFE200122T

Taboo VFE200130T

Taboo VFE200505T

Taboo 50.50 Blend VK200916T5050


Traditional VSSC190403TR

Traditional VK200916TR

Solomon Islands 

Chief Basal Roots Chief Basal Roots SIK210618CBR
Chief Chief SIK200902C


Chief SIK201014C

Chief SIK210618C

Chief Lateral Roots Chief Lateral Roots SIK200902CLR


Chief Lateral Roots SIK201014CLR

Chief Lateral Roots SIK210618CLR

Gold Basal Roots

Gold Basal Roots SIV190212YBR

Gold Basal Roots SIV190319YBR

Gold Basal Roots SIV190617YBR

Gold Basal Roots SIV190711YBR

Gold Basal Roots SIV191025YBR

Gold Basal Roots SIV191120YBR

Gold Basal Roots SIK200305GBR

Gold Basal Roots SIK200729GBR

Gold Basal Roots SIK200921GBR

Gold Basal Roots SIK201014GBR

Gold Basal Roots SIK201022GBR

Gold Basal Roots SIK200901GBR


Gold SIV190319YG

Gold SIV190424YG

Gold SIV190617YG

Gold SIV190814YG

Gold SIV190911YG

Gold SIV191025YG

Gold SIV191120YG

Gold SIK200305G

Gold SIK200729G

Gold SIK200902G

Gold SIK200921G

Gold SIK201022G

Gold SIK200901G

Gold SIK210713G


Headhunter SIV190424GH

Headhunter SIV190814GH

Headhunter SIV191004YGH

Headhunter SIK200305GH

Headhunter SIK200601YH

Headhunter SIK200729GH

Gold Headhunter SIK200902GH

Gold Headhunter SIK200921GH

Gold Headhunter SIK200901GH

Gold Headhunter SIK210706GHH

Gold Lateral Roots

Gold Lateral Roots SIV190212YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV190319YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV190424YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV190711YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV190814YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV191004YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV191025YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIV191120YLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIK200305GLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIK200729GLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIK200902GLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIK200921GLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIK200901GLR

Gold Lateral Roots SIK210713GLR

Kastom Basal Roots

Kastom Basal Roots SIV190212TBR

Kastom Basal Roots SIV190319TBR

Kastom Basal Roots SIV190424TBR

Kastom Basal Roots SIV191120TBR

Kastom Basal Roots SIK201014KBR

Kastom Basal Roots SIK210706KBR


Kastom SIV190319TK

Kastom SIV190911TK

Kastom SIV191025K

Kastom SIK200921K

Kastom SIK210708K


Kakamora SIV190424K5050

Kakamora SIV191025K5050

Kastom Kakamora SIK200921KM

Kastom Kakamora SIK201014KM

Kastom Kakamora SIK200901KM

Kastom Kakamora SIK210708KM

Kastom Lateral Roots

Kastom Lateral Roots SIV190212TLR

Kastom Lateral Roots SIV190814TLR

Kastom Lateral Roots SIK210707KLR




Papua New Guinea

Basal Roots
Lateral Roots

Lateral Roots PNGNK190424LR

Lateral Roots PNGNK201010LR